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Turn Your Storage Solution Into a Focal Point

Ask about our custom-built cabinets in Guilford & Lawrenceburg, IN

Are you tired of staring at the awkward gap between your bookcase and the corner? Or maybe your cabinets just aren't functional. If you want customized storage solutions in Guilford & Lawrenceburg, IN, turn to DMF Contracting, LLC.

We make custom-built cabinets, bookcases, pull-out drawers and doors with durable, stain- and paint-grade wood. Whether you want something that draws the eye or blends flawlessly with the rest of your room, you can count on us. Reach out to us right away to get custom-built drawers or cabinets.

3 reasons to get a stylish built-in

Custom-built cabinets and bookcases can completely transform your space. Your built-in will be:

  • Built to fit the space perfectly
  • Made to meet your specific storage needs
  • Designed to complement the rest of your room

Ready to complete your high-end home with beautiful, custom-built drawers, cabinets and more? Set up an appointment with our pros today.